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At 3 Aces Tattoo, we strive to give our clients quality tattoos at a fair price. Our artists are trained professionals and we hold ourselves to a higher standard than most. Stop in and have a talk with an artist and book your next tattoo session.

Tattoos are an inherent part of some cultures. In the Western world, it has taken time for decorative ink to become socially acceptable. It’s really only in the last fifty years that tattoos have become popular and mainstream.

The evidence of tattooing in ancient civilizations is fascinating. Tattoos from these past civilizations tended to have links to medical healing, as opposed to the cosmetic value that they have today. There is still so much waiting to be discovered and found out about tattoos throughout history. Give us a call at 3 Aces Tattoo to create your history!

Everything you need to know about getting a new tattoo, including: pre –  planning, how to choose the right tattoo for you, how to pick the right colors that will stand the test of time, how much your tattoo is likely going to cost, how to book your appointment with an artist at 3 Aces Tattoo, how to plan your visit to the studio, and what it’s going to feel like while getting a tattoo. We’ll also help to answer the most common questions at this stage of the process.

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